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A bit about the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA)

The British Cattle Veterinary Association, established in 1967, is the cattle specialist division of the British Veterinary Association and has approximately 1300 members from the UK and around the world. The main role of BCVA is representing the views of members in the wider livestock industry and signposting lifelong learning for cattle practitioners.

BCVA is run by a Board of 18 Directors elected by members. The head of the Association, The President, is elected each year. They are supported by a Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary. Board members have a
three-year tenure, with the opportunity to re stand for a second term. This means that there are changes to the Board personnel every year.

Board members work on a voluntary basis and all have very busy “day jobs” within the cattle industry, for example, working in veterinary practice, for pharmaceutical companies or in research or educational establishments. The Board meets 4 times per year, but
board members spend a lot of their own time working on BCVA matters via email and telephone and attending meetings in person or via teleconferences.

The BCVA Office gives administrative support to Board members as well as being the first point of contact for members. All BCVA activities are coordinated through the office including training courses, meetings, consultation submissions and keeping members informed about all thing’s cattle related.

The flagship event is the Annual Congress, which is held in October each year and attended by over 450 people. The whole team, including Board members, are involved in putting this together. Everyone from the office is expected to attend congress which involves some nights away and includes some weekend work. All accommodation, food
and travel costs are covered by BCVA and time off in lieu is given for the extra hours worked.

The office team is made up of 3 members of staff (including this vacancy). We have our own specific roles and tasks, but we also work as a very tight knit team especially where CPD events and congress activities are concerned. Communication is key.

Because of the voluntary nature of the Board members things can take time to happen. There is a need to understand and respect how such an association works and the ability to demonstrate patience is essential.

Working for BCVA is in many ways a very different experience to many office-based jobs. When asked “What do you do?” we stop and think about it and it isn’t always easy to explain – “what don’t we do?” may be the better question. It is a busy office but there will be days when we don’t speak much and other days we don’t shut up. There are some
(but not many) quieter days when the opportunity for those jobs that can “wait for tomorrow” get done. No two days are ever the same!

If you are interested in joining us we would be very happy to explain what we do in more detail. Please do give us a call and arrange a visit.

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