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Brand new from, you can receive the latest jobs to your email inbox at 5.30pm every day. To receive the Daily Job Email: 1. Drill down to the category list page, or a particular advert. 2. Click on the grey banner at the top of the page. 3. Input your name and email address. 4. Check your inbox and click the link. 5. Choose all the categories from which you would like to receive the latest jobs. 6. Please click the “browse more jobs” button below to start your job search. ...

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Are you recruiting? Would you like your advert to stand out from the 2,900 advertised on GlosJobs? Highlight your advert for £15+vat per month to attract more applicants. A larger logo and featured text will boost your advert!! If you are advertising a single advert or have an account, any advert can be boosted for as long as you want. Please email us on to book your highlighted advert

10 tips to help you get that new job... - Updated: 18-02-2019

1. Work out what sort of job you want to apply for. Take a bit of time to identify the roles and companies you want to target and spend some time on those applications. Avoid the "scatter gun approach". 2. If you want to apply through an agency, talk to the agencies that are advertising the sort of jobs you would like to apply for, even if they don't have your exact ideal role. 3. Update your CV to make is as current and relevant as possible when applying for your target roles. Make it personal, so that if reflects who ...

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If you are thinking about a new job, you can receive our email with new jobs in every Monday. Sign up here. Thank you! There is also jobseeking tips and news about useful job fairs etc.

TOP JOB SEEKING TIPS FROM GLOSJOBS.CO.UK - Gloucestershire - Updated: 15-02-2019

Here are a few tips on job seeking from that we have learnt over the 17+ years we have been running the website. We hope you find them useful. You and your skills What are your skills, values, strengths, qualifications and experiences? Match them to the roles that you are going to apply for. What do you really want to do? Think laterally and be proactive. What have you been doing that shows you have transferrable skills? You might not have been in paid work, but maybe you have been helping run the ...

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